SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) is funded by the Agency for Community Living and coordinated by the  Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs in partnership with the Friends of The Milford Senior Center.

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The SHINE Program

60 North Bow Street, Milford, MA 01757, USA                      1-800-243-4636, option 3                   


SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) provides FREE unbiased health insurance counseling information and assistanceto Massachusetts residents with Medicare, their caregivers and those approaching Medicare eligibility.

​The region office is located at 60 North Bow Street in Milford, Massachusetts 01757. We provide services to more than over 60 cities and towns in Central Massachusetts. Statewide, there are more than 600 certified volunteer counselors trained to assist residents with Medicare.

​​SHINE is administered by the Massachusetts Office of Executive Affairs under a grant from the Administration for Community Living. The Central Region office partners with Council on Aging, Elder and Disability Service providers and other public and private community-based organizations.

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The SHINE Program

Serving Medicare Beneficiaries in Massachusetts

​​Medicare & More
SHINE has teamed with Milford TV ​to create an on-going series of live television broadcasts discussing Medicare & other topics. You can view episodes of Medicare & More on your local cable channel or ​
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​​​​Medicare y Usted

“Medicare y Usted” es un repaso de los partes de Medicare y como la programa SHINE se puede servirle.

"​Medicare and You” is a short Spanish language review that covers the different parts of Medicare and how the SHINE program can help individuals make educated decisions regarding their health insurance.
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Medicare Mailings September 2017

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All our counselors are trained and certified by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and are available to speak with Medicare beneficiaries regarding their Medicare coverage options.These options include Medicare parts A & B, Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C), Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and Coverage ​(Part D) and Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap). We will also review eligibility for Public Assistance programs such as Prescription Advantage, Extra Help from Social Security, MassHealth and other programs to assist beneficiaries with limited resources to pay for health care costs.


​​To find a local counselor in a city or town near you click here or call 1-800-243-4636, option 3.​


People with Health Connector coverage nearing Medicare eligibility face many obligations – to enroll in Medicare in a timely way, to notify their Connector plan about their Medicare eligibility, and to cancel their Connector plan.  Despite these responsibilities, people with Connector plans receive no notice about their Medicare eligibility unless they are auto-enrolled in Medicare because they receive Social Security cash benefits. In addition, Connector enrollees receive no notification that their access to premium tax credits automatically terminates when they become Medicare eligible. 

These notification gaps put people in the Health Connector who are nearing Medicare eligibility at serious risk.  Honest enrollment mistakes can lead to lifetime premium penalties, gaps in coverage, disruptions in access to needed care, tax penalties and recovery, by the IRS resulting from the loss of premium tax credits and delayed Medicare enrollment.  To avoid these consequences, it is imperative that Health Connector members who are eligible for Medicare enroll in Medicare in a timely way, notify their Connector plan about their Medicare eligibility, and cancel their Connector plan. 

As always feel free to contact your local SHINE Regional Office at ​
​1-800-243-4636 #3 if you have any questions.

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