SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) is funded by the Agency for Community Living and coordinated by the  Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs in partnership with the Friends of The Milford Senior Center.

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MassHealth is a public health insurance program for low-to medium-income residents of Massachusetts. The national name of this health insurance program is Medicaid.

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MassHealth for Caretaker Relatives

  • Parent or caregiver of a child under 19 years of age. ​

    Call SHINE for income guidelines.

Extra Help

  • A federal program to help people pay for their prescriptions. Subject to income and asset limits.

    Call SHINE for details.



  • Health care benefits for adults and children with disabilities whose incomes are too high to be eligible for MassHealth Standard. Benefits offered are similar to those offered under MassHealth Standard. There are no income or asset limits regardless of age, but who’s income above 150% FPL will pay a monthly premium based on income. 

    ​The disability must be determined by the Social Security Administration or MassHealth.

    Call SHINE for details.

MassHealth Standard

  • Full medical coverage.
  • Can be used with Medicare.
  • ​Limited income and asset guidelines. 

​          Call SHINE for specifics.

MassHealth Buy-In

  • Pays for Medicare Part B premium and makes a person eligible for Extra Help through the Social Security Administration which pays for drug plan premium, plan deductible and fixes the copays on medications. ​There are three levels of income guidelines. 

    Call SHINE for assistance.

Health Safety Net

  • A state program that helps pay for services/medications at a community health clinic or pays for hospital deductible for those who have Medicare.

    Call SHINE for income guidelines.

Frail Elder Waiver

  • MassHealth benefits for persons over 60 years of age. Must be nursing home level of care.

    Call SHINE for more information.